Bus Drivers and Their Employers Need to Work Together

The 6-year old child killed in the church bus crash on July 28th, 20 miles east of Indianapolis, Indiana is a tragic reminder of the need to ensure that commercial drivers license certifications are kept up to date, and that employers of bus drivers are doing their jobs.

Police said in the news release that a preliminary investigation indicates the July 28 crash "appears to be a result of driver error."

Common carriers are governed by federal and state laws with requirements that range from the monitoring of safety and performance to the proper licensing for bus operators.

Drivers and their employers have a responsibility to insure that all inspections are complete, not only for the vehicle carrying the passengers, but also for the driver. The employer who hands over the keys to a bus driver should require classes and certification of their own.

The fact that a bus was involved in an injury accident is not sufficient evidence that the bus driver was at fault. Bus accidents often involve at least one other vehicle and at least one at fault party. When a crash involving a bus occurs the legal claims are often complex, involving both private and public defendants and multiple injured victims.

Because various parties may share liability for an accident, you need an experienced team of accident lawyers with a track record of success in complex litigation. Tabor Law Firm will thoroughly investigate your bus accident. Our team will interview witnesses, examine physical evidence, subpoena bus company records and consult qualified experts to build a compelling case for relief.

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