Back To School Season Should Mean Extra Caution For Indiana Drivers

For many Hoosier families, August means back to school. Even though it may bring with it extra busy mornings that find you running late, the team at Tabor Law want to remind you to slow down on the roads as children of all ages resume classes across the state.

Even though accidents involving school busses are, thankfully, pretty rare across Indiana, there are still about 500 to 1,000 every year. If you’re commuting in the morning when busses are operating or in the afternoon after school is let out, be mindful and pay attention to the red flashing signs when busses make their stops.

“We’re creatures of habit, so during the summer we naturally get used to mornings and afternoons free of the big yellow bus sharing the road with us,” said Jeff Tabor of Tabor Law Firm. “We dream of a world where no one suffers any kind of accident or injury at all, and taking an extra minute to anticipate a bus stop, or slowing down in a school zone can go a long way to helping that out.”

In Hamilton County, Fishers Police are also alerting motorists this year, with increased attention to enforcing school zone speed limits and bus stop arm violations. They offered the following tips for back to school driving that apply equally, no matter where you live in Indiana:

  • Be prepared for a longer commute. School buses and teenage drivers will add to the traffic congestion in the mornings and afternoons.

  • Expect the unexpected. Watch for slowing or stopped traffic and the possibility of children darting out into the street.

  • Be patient and observe the law when approaching or following a school bus.

  • Be very aware of intersections where children are waiting for the bus.

  • Be mindful of reduced speed limits in designated school zones.

Let’s all do our part in making the 2016-17 school year Indiana’s safest one yet.