Researchers Cautious yet Optimistic Regarding New SCI Research Findings

Research into spinal cord injuries is vastly complex. That is for obvious reasons, stresses a recent article on that subject from the publication Scientific American.

The biggest challenge as noted in that journal is on how to “bridge the gap.” SCI victims deal with the hurdle of trying to keep communication lines open between the brain and injured nerve cells in lower parts of the body. Spinal cord injuries are typically tremendously complicated, with researchers making painstaking efforts over the years to discover ways to reestablish links between the brain and disrupted spinal connections.

The sheer difficulty in doing that has rightly led to muted scientific endorsement when something positive in the SCI research field occurs. That is borne out by researchers’ announcement of “pretty significant” findings in a recent study focused on reestablishing neural connections in cases involving complete spinal cord injuries. Scientists are excited yet measured concerning study results that have emerged in what are deemed the most serious of SCI cases.

The research is unsurprisingly complex to a high degree. At its core, it involves employing a chemical formula and certain protein to promote new cell growth that can be used as “scaffold” enabling brain/spinal cord messages to be sent and received.

“Now we understand what it takes” to restore function, says one researcher. The goal going forward is to fine tune the process and incorporate it with optimal rehabilitation training for patients.

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