Federal Data Spotlights Drunk Driving-Linked Deaths in Indiana

The causes of wrongful death are varied. Ranging widely from motor vehicle accidents and dangerous consumer products to medical malpractice acts, on-the-job injuries and additional factors.

One key catalyst is drunk driving, which is a sad and recurrent nemesis on Indiana streets and highways. Inebriated motorists who get behind the wheel spell an instant danger to all other drivers and passengers around them (as well as to motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians). The glaring negligence of drunk drivers is often the primary cause of third-party catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

A recent report spotlighting federal data on roadway deaths readily confirms that, and points to northwest Indiana in underscoring clear drinking-related dangers, posed to vulnerable motorists. Reportedly, several counties in that part of the state are venues for deadly drunk-driving crashes that greatly exceed the national average. In three counties alone (Lake, Porter and LaPorte, respectively), 131 fatalities within a recent five-year period have been attributed to impaired drivers.

Of course, drunk motorists are a scourge all across the state.

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