IN Truck Traffic Even More Dangerous When Diverting from Usual Roads

You might well be an Indiana motorist who routinely drives on county roads for the simple reason that they are your customary conduits for traveling between home, the workplace and your kids' schools.

Conversely, an influx of drivers behind the wheel of outsized trucks that are suddenly surrounding you on those roads are limiting your space for an altogether different reason. Indiana's toll roads that typically serve as the corridors for interstate traffic and readily handle big rigs like tractor-trailers and other 18-wheelers have recently grown pricey. Truck tolls on those thoroughfares spiked by a sharp 35% on October 5 as part of an ambitious infrastructure reform.

The goals of that initiative may be positive, but the ancillary effects could turn out to be dangerous. Many truckers are logically opting to forgo the toll roads for economic reasons, but the alternative state highways they are using are far less equipped to deal safely with their sheer girth and weight.

One industry commentator duly notes that select non-toll roadways "may not be designed to handle truck traffic in significant volumes." And when they're not capable of doing so, the downsides for drivers in smaller passenger vehicles are starkly clear.

We note those dire repercussions for third parties on our personal injury website at the Indianapolis Tabor Law Firm. Accidents involving large trucks frequently yield catastrophic and often deadly injuries for crash victims. Reportedly, truck-linked accidents seriously injure or kill an individual somewhere in the U.S. every 16 minutes.

We stress on our site that crashes involving commercial trucks are comparatively complex, often feature negligence and can entail multiple layers of third-party liability.

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