Was that negligent driver distracted by work-related activity?

The weather was mild and the traffic flow minimal. Why on earth did that driver stray across a median line, slam head-on into an oncoming vehicle and wreak incalculable damage in an instant?

Increasingly, the answer to such a roadway reality that plays out with sad repetition on streets and highways across Indiana and the rest of the country is narrow and specific.

Once again, distracted driving is the culprit. The reasons for that are widely varied, and we have underscored them in prior blog posts at the proven Indianapolis personal injury Tabor Law Firm. Maybe a negligent driver was engaged in eating or grooming activities. Perhaps he or she was texting (that is a flat taboo under Indiana law). Maybe the kids were acting up. Some drivers seem to focus every bit as much on various mobile apps while driving as they do on the traffic that surrounds them.

And some motorists are, well, working. Literally. Legions of drivers view their vehicles as workplace extensions, focusing on job-related activities while commuting and during other behind-the-wheel moments.

The results of that new American norm have unsurprisingly been devastating for the motoring public. Government-supplied data indicate that road accidents involving individuals focused on work matters are a huge and ever-growing national problem.

One central bottom line regarding injuries inflicted on innocent parties owing to another motorist’s distracted driving relates to liability. Evidence following an accident can show that a driver was focused on job matters at the time a crash occurred. That fact can logically -- and rightly -- widen the scope of damage liability to include an employer.

A knowledgeable and aggressive personal injury legal team will always focus closely on all the parties who share responsibility for damages suffered by an accident victim. Such a focus ensures that culpability is properly assigned and that a victim and family members receive the maximum compensation that they are entitled to.

We welcome questions or concerns regarding this important subject matter at Tabor Law, as well as the opportunity to discuss the strong advocacy we routinely bring to bear on behalf of our valued clients.