Greater Indianapolis Area Truck Accidents Often Devastating

Car accidents in the Greater Indianapolis area are inconvenient and upsetting even in a best-case scenario. Unfortunately, truck accidents frequently prove even more dangerous, due in large part to the size of the vehicles. A recent Indianapolis hit-and-run has left a tow truck driver in the hospital with serious, life-altering injuries.

Per reports, the crash occurred early on a recent Friday morning when a semi was riding too close to the white line and hit the tow truck driver. The tow truck driver not only suffered a broken hip, but lost his lower leg when doctors were forced to amputate. He was quickly taken to the hospital for emergency treatment but damages to the leg were so severe that physicians were unable to save it.

Tragically, the accident appears to have been entirely avoidable, as reports indicate there were no other vehicles in the immediate area, and the tow truck's amber emergency lights were activated. There seems to have been no reason for the driver not to have shifted into a lane that was further away. The semi driver never stopped.

The official Indiana State Police investigation into the hit-and-run is ongoing, and dash cam photographs allegedly showing the responsible semi as having a black cab and a white trailer may prove useful in locating the truck and its driver. While the injured tow truck driver's condition has stabilized, his life will be forever changed and he is likely facing months of medical care and expenses.

Hopefully, the semi driver can be located and brought to justice, in which case the injured man may also choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against both the negligent driver and, potentially, the trucking company that employed him.

An experienced attorney could offer legal counsel and representation for pursuing justice and compensation in cases like this in the Greater Indianapolis area where individuals have suffered serious injuries in truck accidents due to the fault or negligence of truck drivers and/or their employers.

Source:, "Tow truck driver loses leg after hit-and-run crash on interstate", Sept. 1, 2017