Indiana Authorities: Seat-Belt Push Educative, Enforcement-Oriented

We note a most basic point at the long-tenured and trial-tested personal injury Tabor Law Firm in Indianapolis, namely, that "the causes of wrongful death are varied."

The firm's lawyers routinely work resolutely and with due empathy on behalf of individuals and family members who have tragically lost loved ones as a result of third-party negligence occurring across many realms. Those range widely from fatal outcomes relating to defective products and medical malpractice acts/omissions to deaths caused by substandard conditions and behaviors at the workplace or in public environs.

A recent reminder from multiple entities operating under the oversight of the Indiana State Police (ISP) underscores for readers the additional scourge that results on streets and highways across the state from negligent driving behaviors.

And that is writ large -- in a most literal sense -- in instances where drivers of outsized commercial vehicles like tractor trailers and 18-wheel rigs fail to duly follow safety standards that help them avoid accidents or reduce the post-crash downsides for others when they do occur.

ISP investigators and law enforcers are currently operating a so-called "seat belt enforcement blitz" that runs through the end of this month, which one media publication notes is "aimed at reducing the number of CMV [commercial motor vehicle] crashes through seat belt enforcement and education."

The merits of such a campaign are many and obvious, given that a commercial trucker not fully safe behind the wheel is a nemesis to every other motorist and passenger on the road.

The ISP states that, notwithstanding the educational focus of its initiative, drivers out of compliance need to be forewarned that they will pay a price for lax safety in their cabs through issued tickets.

It's easy to applaud that, especially for proven legal advocates who often see the sad results of negligent driving behavior and other careless conduct.

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