Would You Choose an Attorney from a TV Ad?

Not so long ago, lawyers were forbidden to advertise. Turn on the TV today, and you can see how that rule has been torn up.

TV lawyers come across as aggressive and unpleasant. In a 30-second ad, you have no idea if they are good lawyers. You don't even know if they have ever seen the inside of a courtroom. You may be persuaded by the face on TV - but never see that face again.

Some of these TV lawyers aren't even local - they have an Indianapolis phone number, and that's it.

All you know is that the TV lawyer is spending a lot of money to get you to call. Money that comes from client settlements.

At Tabor Law Firm, we are a little old-fashioned. You don't see us on TV, on billboards, or on the sides of city buses. Our philosophy is that professionals have to choose what to focus on - passionate representation or passionate self-promotion.

Obtaining rightful compensation when you are injured, or when a loved one is killed in an accident, is a serious matter. Our team has been working empathetically for clients for a combined 95 years, and our reputation is based on results, not ad buys.

We understand that most people have never worked with a lawyer before, and don't know how to choose one - so a TV spot is better than nothing.

But justice isn't a game show.

TV is an OK way to choose a foaming cleanser or fast-food outlet. But we are talking about your finances, your future, and the lives of the people you love.

The best course of action is to meet personally with the lawyers who would represent you. We invite you to kick our tires, in a no-charge, no-obligation discussion of your case, and the best way to pursue it.

Other people can choose the TV lawyer. If you would prefer working with a caring, competent human being, call us at our Indianapolis offices at (317) 689-0077.