Amazon Recall- Proceed with Caution When Purchasing Your Solar Eclipse Glasses

It's been nearly 40 years since the last total Solar Eclipse in the United States. Next Monday, August 21st, Americans country wide will be watching as the moon completely blocks out the sun, and hopefully, safely.

If you've not heard by now, while watching the eclipse, viewing glasses are imperative. Viewing glasses are not just recommended, they are a must. Without glasses, you could lose all vision-- even if you only stare at the sun for a few seconds.

However, now many American's who thought they were prepared to safely watch the eclipse are realizing their viewing glasses are not verified, and may not be safe for use. As of this weekend, Amazon proactively issued a recall warning customers that their glasses may not have come from a verified manufacturer. If an injury or blindness were to occur as a result, the companies who are falsely claiming their glasses are verified may be held liable.

Amazon started notifying buyers of unverified glasses over the weekend, and stated that customers who did not receive a notification are still safe to use the glasses they purchased. If you have concerns regarding viewing glasses you purchased, or still need to get a pair in time for the eclipse, the American Astronomical Society has information on how to ensure your glasses are safe, including a list of reputable vendors.