What If I Can't Afford Medical Care?

One of the first concerns that anyone involved in a personal injury accident has is how they will be able to afford medical care and who will be responsible to pay my medical bills. The at-fault party's insurance company may ask you to send your medical bills to them, but rarely do they pay them. Even if you have health insurance, this can still be a cause for worry.

Because the attorneys at Tabor Law Firm handle the most serious of personal injury and wrongful death cases, we take the time to develop strong partnerships with our clients. This includes helping you find the medical care you need and seeing that your medical bills are paid so your credit rating remains intact.

We will assist you in getting your medical bills paid by your insurance carrier while your case is pending against the at fault party. If applicable, when your case is resolved with the at fault insurance company, we will see that your insurance company is reimbursed.

We Will Look For Any Source Of Treatment Payment Options

If you do not have health insurance or there are limits to your coverage, there may be worries about affording ongoing treatment. There are typically other options available for affording treatment:

  • Work-related disability benefits
  • Your car insurance policy
  • If necessary, working out a payment schedule with your doctor

Why You Shouldn't Stop Receiving Treatment

If your case is working its way through the system — whether preparing for trial or negotiating a settlement — it is important to follow your physician's advice for ongoing necessary treatment. The full extent of your harms and losses can only be evaluated when you have completed your care and treatment. You should make every effort to continue your care and treatment.

Do Not Give Up. Talk To Tabor Law Firm Today.

Many cases involving catastrophic brain or spinal cord injuries or wrongful death claims can take a long time to resolve. Because we provide the direction you need, we will always be by your side, putting you in the best position for a successful outcome. You deserve no less.

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