Referrals and Co-Counsel

We can be of assistance to you and your client if you're not comfortable, equipped or insured to handle the demands of a big dollar personal injury or wrongful death case. We know you care about your referral and its outcome. We know your reputation is at stake anytime you make a referral to another lawyer. You need the right partner, a fellow professional with a long standing reputation of doing the right thing and will treat your client and their case with professionalism and the utmost dedication.

"By working with Tabor Law Firm, I can concentrate on the things I'm very cost effective at, and not be distracted by work that I don't do every day." - John McCauley, attorney, Indianapolis

Better Communication

It shouldn't be your job to hunt down information about your referral. When Tabor Law Firm agrees to take the case, we agree to take the relationship that comes with it. That means frequent updates, regular reports and setting realistic expectations for what is going to come next.

Better Certainty

The attorneys at Tabor Law Firm have a proven record of earning the kinds of recoveries your referrals deserve, all while offering the same level of care to your referral that you would give it yourself. We appreciate that each referral is made with careful consideration and we want to earn yours this and every other time. The case you refer to us isn't just another case number, it's a trust between colleagues.

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