Compensation For Slip-And-Fall Injuries

Approximately 8.9 million visits to U.S. emergency rooms every year result from slips and falls. Despite the fact that it happens to so many people, slipping, tripping, falling and then sustaining an injury on somebody else's premises is not just "one of those things." The injuries can range from serious physical trauma to traumatic brain injury, or even death.

If a hazardous situation compromised your physical safety, our attorneys at Tabor Law Firm will press the responsible party vigorously for appropriate compensation. We have experience helping accident victims across Indiana recover the compensation they need. We know these injuries are just as serious as any others, and we will fight for the recovery you deserve.

How We Prove Liability

In legal terms, it is important to understand whether the slip, trip and fall is arguably the result of negligence or hazardous conditions that were known or should have been known about at the time. In many situations, it can result directly from the negligence of the landowner or a third party.

A full and complete investigation of the area of your fall will need to be completed in order to determine if you have a case. We will look at information like:

  • Looking for surveillance footage if you fell in a retail store
  • The exact type of shoes you were wearing at the time of your fall
  • The type of lighting that existed at the time of your fall
  • If there were any witnesses who can support your account of events

Report what happened immediately to someone at the store, and if possible, write down the name of everyone you told what happened. It is important to have this information to link your accident to your injuries.

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