Seeking Justice For Your Injured Child

For parents, there is nothing scarier than a serious injury to your child. The experience can quickly become frustrating and emotionally draining when you have to fight an insurance company for the help you need and deserve. For families in Indiana, our attorneys at Tabor Law Firm can be your advocates.

Sensitivity has to be the keynote when handling the possible legal implications of child injury. Our personal injury lawyers at Tabor Law Firm handle each case with sympathy and with empathy. Our job is to guide your family through a difficult time and take up the pursuit of justice on your behalf.

We Will Fight For Your Child And Your Family

We will listen to your story, assess the facts and advise on the law. And where we believe there is a viable case for compensation, we will pursue damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

We have experience with injuries:

  • At school or at camps due to improper supervision
  • During organized sports, such as concussions or spinal cord injuries
  • At day care caused by abuse or improper supervision
  • While unsupervised while at a friends home
  • When they are passengers of ATV's or UTV's

Whether a moving vehicle or a dangerous or defective product caused your child's injuries, we can uncover all the facts and build a strong case. We know that children are expected to act their age and often times cannot be held to the same standards as adults, and we know how to rebut insurance company arguments that it was your child's fault and not their responsibility.

Remember to seek medical care as soon as your child tells you something is wrong. A doctor can properly diagnose injuries and provide you with the documentation you need to prove another party's fault.

We will put you in the best position to recover the compensation your child needs for his or her immediate and long-term medical needs. We are parents too. We understand.

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If your child's life is irreparably harmed because of a serious injury, no amount of compensation will ever make up for that. It can, however, hold negligent parties accountable so this doesn't happen to other children in the future. To learn more about how our lawyers at Tabor Law Firm can help your family, call our office in Indianapolis at 317-643-7009 or 800-266-7103.