The Representation You Want

When Tabor Law Firm takes your case, we take it all the way, making sure your voice and concerns are clearly heard by the right people.

If you are the victim of a life damaging accident, or coping after a life-altering event involving a loved one, you deserve to have the very highest standards of legal representation. At Tabor Law Firm, our experienced team of attorneys and paralegals makes sure that's exactly what you get. We know the law. We'll focus our decades of professional experience on preparing your case to the very highest standards. We know how to present your harms and losses in a truthful, honest and compelling manner because we've done it so often.

The representation you want means having a clear and powerful voice to speak your case, no matter how big or strong the other party may be. We can give you that voice, right away from opening negotiations through to any court hearings. For us to speak for you tomorrow, talk to Tabor Law Firm today.

"I felt like he was more concerned about my well-being, more than just out to get a dollar." - A Tabor Law Firm client

Serious Advice For Serious Situations

After a serious or fatal accident, as a victim or concerned family member, you need seriously good advice. You need a lawyer who doesn't just know the law, but one who also has broad and deep expertise representing individuals and family members. And, you need a lawyer with proven experience in preparing the strongest possible case. When life is at its worst for you, Tabor Law Firm will make sure every little detail surrounding your loss is brought to light and duly considered when evaluating your case.

We don't just make a claim: We present the strongest possible case.

For our clients, this means they have more than a "just a claim." It means they will argue and advance the most convincing case anyone can build for them. We have the experience to do this. We've done it before. We can do it for you. Talk to Tabor Law Firm for the representation you need.

You Need To Be Heard And Evidence Needs To Be Preserved

The hours after the accident are the most crucial. The facts are freshest. Recall is clearest. Use this vital time to reach out. Find an experienced attorney. Do not delay. Call Tabor Law Firm at 317-643-7009 or 800-266-7103 to schedule your free consultation.