The Recovery You Deserve

In order for you to get the recovery you deserve, you have to have the right lawyer on your side.

After serious injury or wrongful death, you only have one opportunity to get the recovery you deserve. We know that recovering full financial compensation is vital. As a victim or someone who has just lost a loved one, you need to focus on the healing process, physically and/or emotionally. That's why you need good legal counsel for sound advice and a lawyer who will pursue the proper recovery from each and every wrongdoer. Reduced living standards and other adverse lifestyle consequences that could remain with you for the rest of your life are not inevitable — they are "recoverable."

At Tabor Law Firm, we work very hard to determine the correct amount of recovery funds you should be entitled to receive based on your harms and losses. We understand nothing can ever remove the pain of a serious accident or loss of life. But, the right compensation package can go a long way to help you get your life back together again.

"Even though they were compassionate and nice, they were aggressive with the case." - Tabor Law Firm Client

Always Get What You Deserve

A serious accident or a wrongful death affecting your life wasn't what you deserved. And you don't deserve a settlement proposal that's nowhere near what you need to be fully compensated. At Tabor Law Firm, we have the skills to assess quickly where, how, and to whom you should be advancing your claim for monetary compensation. That's why your first call needs to be to the professionals who will pursue what you really do deserve. You need to call and consult with Tabor Law Firm.

Never assume that a first offer of financial compensation is a final offer. There is no legal requirement for you just to take what you are offered. And the more the offer seems out of scale with the injury you have suffered, the faster you need to involve professional help. There's no harm in asking a lawyer if the insurance company's offer is "fair." Call us today. We can answer your questions and address your concerns.

Don't Lose Out. Talk To Tabor Law Firm Today.

Experienced legal help ready to get you the recovery you deserve is waiting for you. Schedule a free, no-risk consultation with our lawyers at Tabor Law Firm today. No matter where you are in Indiana, call our office in Indianapolis at 317-643-7009 or 800-266-7103.