The Direction You Need

The worst thing that could possibly happen just did. You are feeling vulnerable and you have no one to turn to for sound advice. This has never happened to you. You have questions, but you do not know where to get the answers you need. You're thinking about the difficulties you or your loved ones are currently facing, and most importantly, what does the future hold for you. It's natural. You do not have the headspace or time to deal with insurance adjusters or complicated legal terminology. It may seem easier to believe the insurance company will treat you fairly and take care of your needs.

Stop. A good attorney will take all of these burdens off your shoulders, allowing you to heal and/or grieve appropriately. The lawyers at Tabor Law Firm will get your case headed in the right direction while you get your life headed back into the right direction. That's what they do. That's all they've ever done. They're good at it.

Our experienced attorneys will steer your case with commitment, to the best outcome we can achieve for you.

At Tabor Law Firm, it's our job to guide you through the legal process step by step. We never forget that each case we handle is about real lives and real losses. We communicate regularly, making sure you know precisely what's going on, why it's happening, what it means, and what to expect next. There won't be any surprises.

Don't Take The First Offer

You have very likely experienced shock, physical and mental trauma, serious injury, loss of mobility, and loss of quality of your life. You may even be coping with the loss of a loved one and loss of the loved one's income. The last thing you want to face right now is the unknown territory of a legal challenge. It's natural to want to get any claim put behind you.

In fact it's very tempting to take the first offer that comes in. Don't. Insurance companies are hard wired to make the best offer from their insured's point of view trying to protect their insured. And for them, "best" means lowest, or put another way, the worst potential result for you. So take a different direction.

Get Legal Advice Fast

Time can dim memories and blur facts or evidence. So get advice fast. While the accident or life-altering event is recent and the witnesses recall is fresh, reach out to an experienced attorney. Let them investigate on your behalf and preserve the evidence. Trust us, it's worth your time to do so. The sooner you do it, the faster your case can begin getting the professional attention it deserves.

At Tabor Law Firm, you'll find sympathetic attorneys who are human beings too. From the moment we start talking, you'll get all the direction you need. So talk to Tabor Law Firm now. It's free. Educate yourself about your rights. 317-643-7009 or 800-266-7103.